Arve Ostgaard

CEO of Sentio Research

We have, for several years, used Syno for efficient data collection via their omnibus and conducted dozens of ad-hoc projects. We are happy with the quality of the data and their services and can recommend other agencies to work with them.

Victoria Sandell

Creative Director at Quattroporte

At Quattroporte we work with trend research, concept development and strategic communications to help our clients in tomorrow’s marketplace. To do this we need consumer data and Syno is our preferred partner in collecting consumers data.

Toni Perez

Managing Director OSG

OSG Communications have worked together with Syno for many years and they are a flexible, reliable and quick research partner. We have been using Syno Omnibus services, as well as tailor-made research services with custom-made dashboards.

Bartlomiej Niedbal

CEO Abr Sesta

We conduct hundreds of thousands of interviews each year across many countries. For our online studies we work very closely with Syno International team. They are easy to work with and always deliver what they promise. A true partner in our daily work.

Olli Järvilehto

Head of Data Relevant Digital Oy

Syno has allowed us to enhance our cutting edge solutions and data marketplace for behavioural data with attitude and demographic data collected from relatable sources to create even more bespoke and refined segments for targeted advertising.

Serdar OK

Head of Insight, Bonnier News Commercial

Working with Syno supports us in being a modern data driven publisher that efficiently collects and acts on data as well as bring valuable insights to our advertisers and they provide the flexibility to deliver the customizations that we require as the largest Swedish publisher.